Living the Campervan dream.

Welcome to the world of camping, where the great outdoors meets the not-so-great indoors.

Meet Gary, a man who has proudly spent a fortune on his VW campervan so he can live like a homeless person.

Yes, Garys idea of the perfect camping trip involves defecating in a bucket, eating pot noodles, and constantly smelling like a bonfire. And to top it all off, he loves nothing more than sitting in a field in the pouring rain while his sausage cooks.

Garys love affair with his VW camper began when he was a young man. He had always dreamed of travelling the open road, free from the constraints of modern society. So, when he finally had enough redundancy money from his 9-5 as a manager at Tesco’s, he splurged on a shiny new vw T6.1 and set off on his weekend adventures.

But instead of living a life of luxury on the road, Gary chose to live like a homeless person. He stocked up on pot noodles, canned beans, and other non-perishable foods, and began to embrace the joys of defecating in a bucket. And as for showering? Well, Gary has no time for such luxuries. He prefers to bathe in the rain and let nature take care of the rest.

Despite his less-than-ideal living conditions, Gary is proud of his lifestyle. He loves the simplicity of it all, and the freedom that comes with living off the grid. And he’s not alone. There are many others like him who take to their campervans, as soon as their shift ends on Friday and embrace a more minimalistic way of life.

But while Gary may be happy with his lot in life, there’s no denying that he’s a bit of an oddball. He can often be found sitting in a field by the fire, staring off into the distance, and muttering to himself about the non purists who polute the scene with electric hook-ups, 12v TVs and plug in fan heaters. Gary much prefers strumming on his favourite 2 cords around the campfire with the smell cow manure in the air. Smelling of smoke and burnt wood that seems to follow him wherever he goes.

So, next time you’re out in the British countryside or when you’re wandering around DubbedOut

 Festival and you see

 a middle aged man dressed in tye dye or wandering round in his underpants, smelling like a bonfire and carrying around a sloshing bucket, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Gary, living his best life. And lets be honest, it’s what we all want. To be living the Campervan dream.

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