VW’s, crocs, dryrobes and beer

In this episode we venture into the lush, British countryside to witness a phenomena that occurs every year, known as the camp out or VW festival.

Its around this time of year that the VW camper emerges from the comforting hibernation of their 3 bed

 detached house in the suburbs and head out with the herd to gather in fields to discuss VW’s, crocs, dryrobes and beer around the smoky warmth of the washing machine drum campfire. Here they revert to their natural instincts and will fill their bellies with food and drink in preparation for the oncoming winter.

here we witness them discussing the various new items they have collected over winter that now adorn their volkswagens and camping area. Awnings, alloys, cadac camping stove and flag poles are all part of the mating call ritual and male posturing for position in the herd.

As the early morning sun begins to rise over the campsite, we see a rare and fascinating species of

 camper emerging from their Volkswagen campervans. They are known for their unique combination of Croc footwear, Dryrobe attire, and a love of beer at all hours of the day.

But despite their rugged and unconventional appearance, these campers are remarkably approachable and friendly, even at the ungodly hour of 6am. Observe as they gather around their compact but efficient kitchens brewing fresh coffee in their trusty French presses or left over beer from the night before.

These campers are not to be trifled with before their morning espresso, but once sufficiently caffeinated, they are more than happy to strike up a conversation, even if it means commiserating about the hangover and previous night’s mishaps with a guide rope. Its not long before they are back on the subjects of  VW’s, crocs, dryrobes and beer.

Notice how they take on the task of dog walking with ease, nappy bag in hand and their furry companions trotting along beside them as they search for the nearest toilet or shower. And when the sunrise begins to peek over the horizon, these campers are quick to whip out their cameras, capturing the beauty of the moment for Instagram posterity.

Yes, the Volkswagen owning, Croc wearing, Dryrobe wearing, beer drinking campers are a truly remarkable species, able to withstand even the most challenging of mornings with a smile on their face and a warm cup of coffee in their hand. So the next time you encounter one of these fascinating creatures, don’t hesitate to approach. Despite their appearance, they’re rather good company.

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