Divorce In A Bag Court Case


In a bizarre turn of events, a high-profile couple have filed for divorce over a disagreement about the erection of a Vango Galli 3 Awning.

The couple, known in the Dubbed Out Community for their love of campervans, have been embroiled in a bitter court battle over the various camping items that were purchased during their marriage.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been together for over 10 years and had always shared a passion for camping. However, their relationship started to sour when they purchased the Vango Galli Campervan Awning for their beloved camper which is affectionately known as “Dick Van Dyke” the VW T5.1.


The husband, who was in charge of setting up the awning, reportedly struggled to erect it and became increasingly frustrated around Dick. According to sources close to the couple, the wife offered to help but the husband refused, claiming he could handle it on his own.


However, after several unsuccessful attempts, the husband became enraged and started to throw various camping items around the campsite, including the family’s beloved flashing flag pole and their trusty Cadac stove. The wife, who was shocked and appalled by her husband’s behavior, immediately filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences over the Vango Galli Campervan Awning and the various camping items.


The court battle has been intense, with both parties fighting tooth and nail for their respective camping gear. The wife has demanded custody of the Cadac and the thetford porta loo, while the husband has argued that he should be allowed to keep Dick and the offending Awning in question and demands the transfer of Festival tickets into his name.


The judge presiding over the case has expressed his dismay at the couple’s inability to reach a compromise and has warned them that their behavior is “ridiculous” and “unbecoming of adults.” The case has attracted widespread media attention, with many camping enthusiasts expressing their shock and disappointment at the couple’s inability to work through their differences. Some have even started an online petition to urge the couple to reconcile and work out a joint custody arrangement. One Dubbed Out member stating “Why can’t they just share Dick and the camping equipment?


Other online rumours suggest that the writing was always on the wall as “She likes a glass of wine and he refused to read the instructions

As the court battle rages on, one thing is for sure – the Campervan Awning or “divorce in a bag” has become the most contested item in the history of vanlife and camping divorces. We’ll keep you updated of any further developments.

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